Civilian Topographic Map Version 2 Has Been Released

Civilian Topographic Map (CTM) is designed to allow users to easily create 25K and 50K civilian style topographic data and maps using Esri Production Mapping.  CTM includes a geodatabase data model as well as sample configurations for editing, quality assurance, and cartography.

The new release of CTM includes a 50K map product and generalization models (the first release provided 25K configurations).  The 50K map product configuration files include a 50K map template, Grids and Graticules templates, and symbology rules.  The generalization models allow you to automate the production of 50K cartographic data from larger scale data, such as the 25K data.  These generalization models use geoprocessing as a framework and can be modified to work with other schemas or to add additional generalization rules.

You can adopt the CTM data models and configuration rules to immediately begin production and generalization or use them as an example for implementing this type of rule-based configuration to your own data model.

CTM can be accessed on GitHub:


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