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Configurable Apps Announcement - Maps and Apps Gallery Moving to Mature Support Phase with April Release of ArcGIS Online

In the upcoming April  Release of ArcGIS Online, the Maps and Apps Gallery will move into the Mature phase of the Product Lifecycle  and will be removed from the default Configurable Apps Gallery.

The Maps and Apps Gallery displays apps and web maps which can be searched and filtered using item tags. The Minimal Gallery app was released out of beta in the December 2017 release. It has a clean, simple design that displays maps, apps and scenes as cards that can be searched and filtered. The Minimal Gallery app is built using the next generation of JavaScript, which includes better support for display on small screens like phones and tablets.

What does the Mature Phase of a configurable application template mean?

Can I still create apps from these templates even after they are moved to the mature phase?

Yes. These apps will remain as items in ArcGIS Online after they have been moved to the mature phase. If you still want to use the apps, you can create a custom configurable app group that contains the app item. Set this group as your group configurable app template group in the organization administration settings. Users in your organization will then be able to create additional apps from the template.

At the April release of ArcGIS Online check out the Minimal Gallery which will be featured in the following State, Local Government and Emergency Management Solutions:

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