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Story Maps at the Esri Partner Conference and Esri Developer Summit 2019

The Story Maps team is hard at work preparing to see many of you soon in Palm Springs at this year’s Esri Partner Conference and Esri Developer Summit. We have several sessions planned, which you can learn about below. We’ll also have a kiosk in the Esri Showcase and will be at the Meet the Teams social, so please stop by to chat with us about what you’re doing with Story Maps or get a demo of our storytelling tools. Our team has grown a lot in the past year and we are working on some big things for 2019, so don’t miss this chance to get to know us and get a sneak peek of what’s coming next…

Before you arrive, be sure to check out many of the great things to do, see, and eat while you’re in Palm Springs in these story maps.

 Palm Springs Map Tour | Palm Springs Shortlist

Esri Partner Conference

Create new Offerings with Esri Story Maps

Learn about the many business opportunities Esri Story Maps offer for partners in support of marketing and communications, collaboration, cartographic services, custom development, hosting services, promotional campaigns, and many more areas. See a wide variety of examples and hear about partners who are doing amazing work for their customers. You’ll also get a preview of the next generation of Story Maps, which is coming in 2019.

Esri Developer Summit

StoryMaps: The Next Generation

Authors and readers love using StoryMaps to tell their stories. With over 750,000 stories created, your stories are racking up over two million page views each week. Come get a sneak peek of what’s in store for Story Maps in 2019, beginning with the recent release of the alpha version of the next generation of Esri’s popular storytelling tool.

StoryMaps: Configuring and Customizing Web Apps

StoryMaps combine web maps, multimedia content, and engaging user experiences to tell stories about the world. Learn how you can leverage and customize these apps. We will walk you through examples of visual customizations using CSS and show how you can add new features using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. (Note: This session is focused on the current generation of StoryMap templates, not the next-generation.)

StoryMaps: Designing A Loveable Product

StoryMaps are some of the most popular apps in ArcGIS Online—not only because they meet storytellers’ basic needs, but also because they make stories enjoyable to create and to read. In this session, designers and developers from the StoryMaps team will discuss their strategies and techniques for building web applications that are both functionally capable and pleasant to use. Along the way, they’ll touch on the differences between viable products and loveable ones, the importance of frequent and in-depth user testing, the advantages of adopting a design-driven development process, and best practices for developing web apps that perform well and meet accessibility guidelines.

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Owen is the lead product engineer for ArcGIS StoryMaps and has been with Esri since 2004. Before joining the StoryMaps team, he spent 11 years as a solution engineer on Esri's National Government team helping people understand the value and utility of geospatial thinking.


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