ArcGIS StreetMap Premium

ArcGIS StreetMap Premium: Quality street data behind your firewall

Access to accurate street data is critical for organizations that must move people and/or products safely and on time to locations across the globe, determine drive time distances, or match addresses. Ready-to-use accurate street data can help you save a lot of money. Your security and compliance needs can mandate that you work disconnected from a network, on-premises behind a firewall, or on a managed infrastructure. Additionally, your geocoding and routing requirements are high enough that you need a fixed annual fee structure compared to a pay-as-you-go model. If any of these apply to you, then ArcGIS StreetMap Premium is the solution for you!

ArcGIS StreetMap Premium provides enriched street data for use in ArcGIS software to deliver high-quality and multiscale cartographic map display, accurate geocoding, optimized routing, and network analysis. StreetMap Premium is a turnkey solution designed specifically to be used with ArcGIS. It can be deployed rapidly on-premises behind your firewall without the need for any data preparation.

What’s included in StreetMap premium:

High quality maps: ArcGIS StreetMap Premium is available with consistent high quality ready-to-use maps. They are pre-rendered and pre-symbolized maps that offer high details down to the granular level.

Accurate geocoding: Geocoding converts your addresses and place names into coordinates and puts them accurately on a map. ArcGIS StreetMap premium offers a complete geocoding experience including geosearch, batch geocoding, and reverse geocoding. ArcGIS allows you to place the results on the rooftop or parcel, the curb side, or the street, depending on your work flow needs.

Ready-to-use routing and network analysis: The routing and network analysis capability helps you solve complex routing problems. You can generate optimized routes and perform network analysis representing unique network requirements to maximize efficiencies and minimize costs.

Benefits of StreetMap Premium:

Ready-to-use: ArcGIS StreetMap Premium StreetMap Premium is a turnkey, value-added product that offers ready-to-use street data optimized for use with ArcGIS software. It offers a standardized data model and provides a quick and easy way to deploy a solution in any geography. You can save your organization time and effort often spent on processing data and focus instead on achieving your goals.

Authoritative street data: Esri utilizes the most up-to-date reference data from authoritative sources including commercial, government, and community providers. Esri also works with its international distributors and partners in countries around the globe to address the most complex addressing systems.

Available for all geographies: Select the geography option that best fits your needs. ArcGIS StreetMap premium is available for all regions worldwide, including North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and Japan. ArcGIS StreetMap Premium is also available for individual countries, and in the United States and Canada at the state and province level.

Secure: StreetMap premium data is deployed behind your organization’s firewall and meets all IT requirements including security, authenticity, and privacy. Because it’s in-house, it’s important to note that StreetMap Premium meets HIPAA requirements.

Customizable: Custom Roads is a version of StreetMap Premium that allows you to add your own private roads and other linear features to the StreetMap Premium network. Once you’ve added your roads, you’re able to route seamlessly between your own road segments and the commercial street segments. The most common use case is to use this network in ArcGIS field apps.

At Esri, we are committed to delivering the most innovative solutions to help you succeed. ArcGIS StreetMap premium offers high quality street data to solve complex problems with greater ease, simplicity and speed. Increase your organizational intelligence and make better business decisions.

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