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How to create a Voluntary Camera Registration form with Survey123

Camera systems can help make homes and businesses safer. This technology has become cheaper and more accessible to consumers than ever before. As these systems multiply, they have become an important tool for capturing evidence of criminal activity in our communities. But with so many cameras it can be hard for police to know where these cameras are located or who to contact for access.

Camera registration programs are a new initiative many police departments are introducing to enlist the communities help in crime fighting activities. These programs allow citizens and businesses to register their surveillance cameras with the local police department. Registration in these programs gives police permission to access footage from these cameras if a crime takes place nearby, which can provide much needed evidence in support of investigations.

Registering a camera does not provide police remote accessed to the camera or a live video feed, but it does give them a good database of security cameras in the area without having to go door to door to solicit this information.

With Survey123, police departments can easily setup a voluntary camera registration form that citizens can use to share the location, characteristics and contact information of private surveillance systems. For example:

Here are some reasons why you should consider building your Voluntary Camera Registration forms using Survey123:

If you are ready to give this a go, the How to Create a Voluntary Registration Form step by step guide in Esri Community provides all the details you need to get started.

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