Restaurant Report Cards

Four California health inspectors need your help in efficiently navigating 36 restaurants as part of their daily and unannounced inspections in San Diego County. Considering that county rivals the state of Connecticut in size, it may seem that you have an insurmountable task of keeping inspections random and dispersed. How should you divide the work? Where should each inspector drive and in what order?

Restaurant Report Cards, a new project on the Learn ArcGIS website, guides you though the steps needed to solve this complex problem. The project spotlights the Plan Routes tool, which will help you efficiently divide your targeted restaurants among the four inspectors. In this project, you’ll supervise an inspection team that protects the dining public by closing unsafe restaurants, enforcing on-the-spot corrections in others, and assigning cleanliness letter grades to those that pass inspection. The lessons from this project could be applied to traveling professionals who manage fleets as well as transporting people, delivering packages, providing repair, inspecting homes, and making sales calls.

Project workflow: In this one-hour project, you’ll start by locating and labeling the Retail Food Monitoring Office in San Diego County. You’ll then prepare data for the Plan Routes tool by changing symbology and downloading CSV files. After opening the Plan Routes tool, you’ll set parameters involving stops and time. Finally, you’ll analyze the results and explore the information to better understand how your inspectors could benefit from the analysis.

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