ArcGIS Urban

One Minute Workflows

ArcGIS Urban provides everything planners need to devise effective solutions to urban problems—from creating plans to proposing zoning changes. To help you get started, we’ve created a series of short videos to teach you common workflows in ArcGIS Urban. For more in-depth tutorials, check out our ArcGIS Urban Essential Skills video tutorials.

Create a plan

Successful urban planners have an important mission: to create plans that shape the future
of urban environments while protecting environmentally sensitive areas. In ArcGIS Urban,
you can easily design different scenarios for large scale and long-term plans. You can
prototype what-if scenarios, test assumptions, and measure impact in real-time to
better achieve development goals.

Create a proposed zone

Zoning can change the world. When used constructively, zoning promotes inclusivity, reflects a community’s vision, and improves the quality of life. In ArcGIS Urban, zoning changes are seamless. You can propose zoning changes, test redevelopment patterns, and re-imagine entire neighborhoods.

Create new parcels

Do you need to create or merge parcels to visualize new development scenarios? The editing tools in ArcGIS Urban allow you to create, split, or merge parcels allowing you to apply new building types and test plausible building designs.

Add a new project

ArcGIS Urban provides an overview of development projects citywide and allows you to track and evaluate new building proposals. Collaborate with stakeholders on specific development projects and share the results with decision-makers and the public so they better understand the proposal.
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About the author

I'm a Solution Engineer for Smart City Solutions at Esri, focusing on ArcGIS Urban, Esri's web-based 3D platform created to improve urban planning, decision making, and community engagement. My background is in landscape architecture and education. I love teaching people how to use our software by communicating concepts and workflows in an easy to understand way.


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