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ArcGIS Workflow Manager UC 2022 Agenda

Esri User Conference 2022 returns to San Diego! We have prepared a focused agenda for ArcGIS Workflow Manager to help you navigate the hundreds of sessions and activities being offered. First, is a brief overview of Workflow Manager and the benefits it offers.

What is ArcGIS Workflow Manager?

ArcGIS Workflow Manager is a scalable workflow management system that optimizes GIS and non-GIS operations by managing, in real time, people, processes, and products in an organization’s enterprise environment. Workflow Manager’s service-driven architecture allows the orchestration of seamless end-to-end workflows within and outside the ArcGIS ecosystem.

Product Manager, Tiffany Weintraub, invites you to sign up and take advantage of 1:1 time with an Esri Workflow Manager implementation expert. What is Workflow Diagramming?


What are the benefits of ArcGIS Workflow Manager?

Workflow Manager provides a web app to design and manage work, an ArcGIS Pro extension for advanced editing workflows in desktop, and APIs for extensibility. Workflow Manager is a no-code/low-code that can be easily adapted to fit any organization’s needs. It includes a model-builder like user interface with out-of-the-box step templates, Arcade integration, support for geoprocessing services for custom steps, and web hooks for integrating with other systems.

Some of the benefits are:

Read on to find out about sessions, showcase details, and appointments with Esri experts at the upcoming User Conference.

This session provides a general overview of the capabilities of Workflow Manager along with demos on how to streamline the digital data submission and branch versioned data editing process for Utility Network, Parcel Fabric, and Linear Referencing workflows.


This session discusses how to automate data ingestion, analysis, and aggregation of frequent data contribution workflows using advanced capabilities in Workflow Manager. This includes step and job scheduling, web hook integration, and sending web requests.


Demo Theater – ArcGIS Workflow Manager: Configuration and Deployment
Wednesday, July 13th at 11.15 AM PDT
Offered in-person in SDCC – Expo Demo Theater 10

Learn how to get started with setting up and using ArcGIS Workflow Manager, starting from planning the deployment to logging in for the first time.

Can’t attend a session or have more questions? Meet with a Workflow Manager expert at the ArcGIS Enterprise Showcase on the ground level, Exhibit Hall B, during these times.

Workflow Diagramming Appointment

New this year, we are offering one-on-one, 45-min appointments with an Esri Workflow Manager implementation expert to brainstorm diagramming your daily processes. Be sure to sign up and schedule a time to learn how to automate and standardize your work.

After you submit the appointment request form, an Esri representative will reach out with details. On the day of your appointment, bring a current or future workflow use case and the Esri expert will walk you through building your workflow in ArcGIS Workflow Manager. This is an opportunity to get a high-level overview on automating steps and documenting your repeatable processes. You will take back to your organization valuable guidance on a path forward for developing your workflow.


See you in San Diego!

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