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Workforce Beta Update (February 2020)

Thank you to all our users that have joined the Workforce Early Adopter Program so far! Since our first announcement last month we have had over 250 users join the program but it’s always a challenge to get the word out!

To drive additional awareness of the beta program, you’ll find that a new banner announcing the beta program has appeared in the Home page of the Workforce web app. The ‘Learn more’ link will take you directly to our Early Adopter site and the ‘Try it now >’ link will take you directly to the beta version of the Workforce web app.


Workforce Banner

If you are a member of the beta program already, we are about to update the web app as well so please make sure that as you test the new version and provide feedback in the early adopter forum.

This beta release includes a very significant architecture update for us – we’ve migrated from the 3.x version of the JavaScript API to the 4.x version. This will bring many functional and performance benefits moving forward. For example, you’ll find that we’ve purposely left out the ability to cluster assignments in this update. We’re seeing much better performance now that clustering assignments is no longer needed. But we want to hear from you. How are you using clustering today? Are there other reasons you would like to cluster assignments?

We are just getting started and really want your feedback to help drive the decisions we make moving forward.

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Jeff Shaner is a Senior Product Lead with the software products team at Esri. With 27 years experience, Jeff is focused on delivering apps that enable users to work more productively, safely, and effectively. In his spare time, you are likely to find Jeff on the golf course or hockey rink. 


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