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Esri in the Americas

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Global company, regional solutions

Esri has been in the Americas region for more than 45 years. Locally-owned Esri software companies in almost every country and one dedicated Service & Support Center are advancing ArcGIS, one of the world's most powerful mapping and analytics Geospatial software in Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

About Esri in the Americas

21,000+ customers
75% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Esri
43 locations
Local companies in almost every country
1,270+ employees
Employing local Esri GIS experts
250+ partners
Industry and ArcGIS local expertise
1 service and support center
Helping our customers be successful

Driving digital transformation across the Americas

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Electric and gas utility infrastructure

Electric and gas utility infrastructure

Whether it is utilities, AEC, BIM, 3D, transportation or public works, Esri helps to efficiently and transparently manage infrastructure crucial for a city development.

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Smart cities
Safe communities and smart cities

Safe communities and smart cities

Esri’s cutting-edge technology enables governments, utilities and transportation in their journey to be smart cities and safe communities, putting their citizens first.

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Real-time response
Disaster management and emergency

Disaster management and emergency

Esri empowers emergency management professionals to be agile and informed at all points to save lives during threats and disasters with operation intelligence tools.

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Business intelligence and operations

Business intelligence and operations

Esri’s smart mapping, spatial analytics and location intelligence tools drive incremental sales growth.

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Rio de Janeiro uses GIS for Smart City initiative

Upcoming events in the Americas

  • Audience members attentively watching presentation at the Esri User Conference

    Esri Events and Webinars

    The world’s largest GIS conference held by Esri’s experts.
  • Esri Canada User Conference presentation

    Esri Canada Webinars

    Over 4,000 Esri GIS enthusiasts across 12 cities in Canada
  • Caribbean Geo Portal

    Discover new solutions to unlock the full potential of data
  • Jack Dangermond with two attendees at the Esri Colombia User Conference

    Esri Colombia, Panama & Ecuador

    Assist and network with peers and Esri’s industry experts
  • Esri Chile

    Chile & Paraguay

    Assist and network with peers and Esri’s industry experts
  • Geotecnologias - Esri Official Distributor

    Costa Rica, Guatemala & Nicaragua

    Lead your team with new GIS best practice.
  • SIGSA - Esri Official Distributor


    Learn why a location-based strategy is key.
  • Aeroterra - Esri Official Distributor

    Argentina & Uruguay

    Connect and collaborate with GIS experts.
  • IMAGEM - Esri Official Distributor


    Discover how to leverage GIS to analyze trends.
  • TELEMATICA - Esri Official Distributor


    Explore the latest in GIS that power business.

News about Esri in the Americas

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  • Argentina guards against fish poachers

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  • Field data collection of a water cycle

  • How mapping land advances peace


Global company, regional solutions

Esri has a presence and expertise in Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

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