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Open Source Software

Esri continues to make significant technical and financial contributions to open source software events, libraries, tools, and apps. Esri employees have developed over 500 open source projects onĀ GitHub, most of them licensed under Apache 2.0; regularly contribute to third-party projects like GDAL; and attend FOSS4G conferences.

Open source spotlight

Esri development staff are encouraged to engage with the open-source community. Developers regularly share open source projects via GitHub to enable developers and partners to port Esri capabilities across the web. Esri welcomes more interactions with developers on this forum.

  • Esri Leaflet

    Integrate ArcGIS services with Leaflet using this lightweight set of GIS tools.

    Use compact, modular JavaScript wrappers for the ArcGIS REST.
  • Blue satellite image next to coding language with letters and symbols and maps

    R-ArcGIS Bridge

    Bridge ArcGIS and the R Project for Statistical Computing.
  • Icon with a more than and less than symbol and a slash in a square

    GIS Tools for Hadoop

    Use the Hadoop framework to complete spatial analysis on spatial data.
  • Green map of the northeastern region of the United States


    Work with geometry, geography, formats, and building geodatabases with this geographic toolkit.
  • A square icon with arrows pointing different symbols on the left and right representing a web server


    Dynamically transform geospatial data into GeoJSON, CSV, KML, shapefile, GeoServices (or Esri feature service) format.
  • Light gray map of two countries with green and orange circles

    Esri Geometry API for Java

    Write custom applications for analyzing spatial data.
  • Beige pop-up box with a blank search bar next to another pop-up box with URLs to discover and share data

    Geoportal Server Catalog

    Organize, manage, and publish metadata for geospatial resources using established metadata standards and custom profiles.

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