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Managers must make decisions to ensure a safe work environment and adhere to social distancing requirements. Office layouts must be restructured for adequate spacing between work spaces and to allow for routing that minimizes close-proximity encounters. Clear communication with staff will also be a key factor, asking questions such as which areas should be avoided or when was an area last cleaned. ArcGIS Indoors can help answer these geospatially focused questions for reopening the workplace.

Safely assign offices

Social distancing guidelines will need to be followed once workplaces begin to reopen. Determine safe office locations for your employees that adhere to these requirements so that they feel safe when they return to work.

Enable contact tracing

ArcGIS Indoors can support multiple proximity scenarios for recovery activities to reopen your workplace. Perform proximity analysis to find points of intersection. Trace movement through buildings to identify potential close contact encounters.

Manage office space density

Office equipment needs to be located where spacing is adequate enough to satisfy social distancing guidelines and keep traffic density under control.

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