Space has recurring costs such as leases, energy, cleaning, and facility maintenance. Inefficient space allocation directly impacts an organization's financial bottom line. Additionally, access to collaboration areas, equipment, assets, and amenities can directly impact the ability of teams and individuals to achieve organizational goals. ArcGIS Indoors allows organizations to properly define, allocate, and assign space to better support workplace operations, communication, and productivity.

Define space allocations

Improve your organizational communication, coordination, and collaboration by defining where teams work. Optimize team access to building assets such as collaboration space, conference rooms, equipment, and amenities.

A desktop monitor displaying space management and scenario planning software with an indoor digital map and a dashboard showing statistics

Maximize space usage

Consolidate and reassign or get rid of unused space. Conserve valuable office space with office hoteling to increase the staff-to-workplace ratio for those working from home or not in the office 100% of the time.

A desktop displaying ArcGIS Indoors with charts and graphs for occupancy levels around a central digital map

Plan staff moves

Plan, coordinate, and review office assignment changes when work space reorganization is needed, new indoor spaces are acquired, or as available space is reduced.

Two black office chairs wrapped in plastic, surrounded by various office supplies with stacks of boxes in the background

Honor social distancing

Create seat assignments that ensure your staff are the appropriate distance apart to maintain a safe work environment.

Four socially distanced workers in an office wearing protective face masks, having a conversation

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