Geocoding and Search

Search and display locations on a map with confidence

An aerial view of two dense city blocks overlaid with a blue location pin and circular image of rows of data in a spreadsheet

Make sense of your location information. Geocoding and search help you convert your addresses and place-names into coordinates and display them on a map. Get accurate and reliable search results for addresses, landmarks, and much more from all over the world.

Find addresses on a map instantly

Search for an address and display it on a map. Search for addresses around the globe and put them on a map with a high level of accuracy.

Laptop showing street map and GPS icon

Find locations with the place-name

Search and display millions of businesses, landmarks, and other points of interest using English or your local language. For example, search for a pharmacy or coffee shop in an area or try looking for the Eiffel Tower by its proper name in French, Tour Eiffel.

Computer monitor with map and specific areas marked in red

Get to locations faster

Enhance your solutions with a smart capability that suggests multiple address candidates as you are typing in a location, helping you get the right location quickly. 

Blue street map of Los Angeles with Staples Center marked

Search more in less time

Quickly search and display multiple addresses on a map in a single process using batch geocoding.

Computer monitor showing map of United States with red dots

Get robust location information

Get textual descriptions such as nearest address, intersection, or place-name for coordinates on a map using reverse geocoding.

Street map with pop-up box showing detailed address information

Benefits of geocoding and search service


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