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Ready-to-use digital maps for your apps

An illustrated map bisected by a river overlaid with other circular graphic elements, including a map of a coastal area

Bring the power of location to your applications and workflows with basemaps, which are ready-to-use maps that serve as the geographic foundation for your apps. Access a global collection of basemaps with localized languages and geographies, which can be customized to meet your unique needs.

The benefits of basemaps


Choose a map style

Select a map that meets your needs. Basemaps are interactive and authoritative, including styles that represent topographic features, road networks, footpaths, building footprints, water features, administrative boundaries, and satellite imagery.

Four rectangular sections displaying different basemap styles overlaid with a street map within a circular border

Embed basemaps directly into your app

Quickly add Esri basemaps to your applications. Maps are optimized for web, mobile, and desktop applications.

A pair of hands holding a mobile phone displaying a highway map

Select from more than 40 languages

Ready-to-use maps that give you the ability to localize place labels for any basemap style in the language of your choice.

A pair of hands belonging to an unseen person typing on a laptop displaying a grayscale country map

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