2024 ArcGIS StoryMaps Competition

Storytelling For a Better World

The competition will open on September 4, 2024.

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Montage of a green parrot head, green map polygons, green wavy lines, and a dark-haired woman wearing green flower jewelry

Global storytelling competition

Esri is pleased to announce the 2024 ArcGIS StoryMaps Competition.

Vista of green terraced fields with a house, a stand of trees on a hilltop, and a woman carrying a child on her back

Tell a story about the world you want to see

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” —Jane Goodall, scientist and activist

What inspires you? 

Are you passionate about the planet? Invested in sustainable cities, public health, or disaster response? Excited about innovation in and beyond the classroom? 

Use your unique talents—from cartography and data analysis to photography and design—to tell that story with ArcGIS StoryMaps. Then submit it to the 2024 ArcGIS StoryMaps Competition for global recognition.  

For this year's competition, Esri invites you and storytellers worldwide to submit a story in one of five categories.

  • Digital humanities and popular culture
  • Health and safety
  • Humanitarian and disaster response
  • Nature and physical science
  • Planning and infrastructure

New this year! Esri is teaming up with five prominent organizations, all subject-matter experts in their respective fields. Each organization will sponsor a competition category and select the winners of the category.

Read our announcement story to meet the competition sponsors and learn more.

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