ArcGIS Workflow Manager for ArcGIS Online

An online workflow management system

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Tools for online workflows

ArcGIS Workflow Manager for ArcGIS Online is a complete software as a service (SaaS) workflow management system for automating and streamlining your business processes. Save on infrastructure costs and maintenance by using a secure, scalable, and performant cloud environment to orchestrate your online workflows. 

Automate and streamline online workflows

Develop optimized online workflows using out-of-the-box tools for automating job creation, running tasks, scheduling work to be completed during off-hours, and more. 

Screenshot with text and icons showing configuration options such as scheduling a job and adding web hooks

Real-time work status and reporting

Search, visualize, and monitor work to help make informed decisions on resources. Create custom charts or integrate with ArcGIS Dashboards, a tool for presenting location-based analytics, to display work information in real time. 

A dashboard with a black background with a street map in the center, bar graphs on the right, and a list of jobs on the left

Low-code/no-code capabilities

Build repeatable online workflows using available resources. Take advantage of configurable step templates and ArcGIS Arcade integration to design workflows using a drag-and-drop interface. 

A flowchart with multi-colored boxes connected by arrows next to an inset image showing an Arcade expression

Communicate in a distributed environment

Workflow Manager provides the framework to manage work in a distributed workforce. Upload and share forms, send email notifications, synchronize changes, and provide updates and feedback in real time. Workflow Manager is a dynamic system that supports collaborative work from a centralized location.

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Meet industry challenges

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