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Design and manage location-enabled workflows and automate repetitive work

Build location-enabled workflows

Use predefined steps to construct your business processes as seamless and repeatable location-enabled workflows. Run steps manually or automatically, in linear pathways or parallel, and route work to individuals and groups. Automatically take a user to a zoomed location of where they should work, display processing boundaries, and integrate seamlessly with ArcGIS Survey123, ArcGIS Dashboards, and ArcGIS Workforce.

Create, run, and manage work

Assign and schedule work in a centralized location, track the progress of work, and analyze work history to identify and resolve bottlenecks in your business processes. Run specialized steps through a simple interactive web application, perform advanced data editing tasks in ArcGIS Pro, or create your own applications using the API.

Manage spatial data

Automatically manage branch versioned feature layer data, repoint maps in ArcGIS Pro to use specific versions of data, and send version information to integrated web apps as part of your workflows. Run geoprocessing services to reconcile and post updates and clean up version data once work is completed.

Automated orchestration

Run workflows automatically using REST and Python APIs, use responses to guide decision points, and schedule data-intensive processes to run after hours to reduce network load. Create work when surveys are submitted using ArcGIS Survey123 webhooks and communicate with external systems using APIs.

Service-driven architecture

Integrate with ArcGIS Enterprise to bring your maps, apps, data, users, and groups into your desktop and web workflows. Synchronize information in real time, and collaborate with geographically distributed workforce in a performant way. Build custom apps and widgets with a powerful REST API.

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