Movement Data

Explore population patterns with human mobility and traffic data

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People do not stay in one place, why should your data? Understanding how populations move can help you make accurate decisions based on time and place.

See movement data based on location

Where are people traveling throughout the day and how does this differ at night? See how time of day influences the patterns of human mobility that travel through your target locations. Discover commute times, common daytime and evening locations, origin and destinations, visits, dwell time, and more.

Predict movement behavior

How does the pattern of movement change when you consider demographics and consumer behavioral traits? Movement data helps organizations discover patterns of behavior for human mobility, store visits, and traffic routes. Understanding current and historic movement patterns can help you predict outcomes for future events.

Understanding human mobility

Esri partners with movement data providers to deliver the best-available anonymized and aggregated movement data on the market. To help you better understand how to qualify movement data, we've put together a set of questions to ask when considering your provider.


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