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Transform sensor data into 2D and 3D products

Imagery has been the key ingredient in the creation of authoritative maps for decades. ArcGIS provides reality capture and photogrammetry software that transforms drone, aerial, satellite, and historical film images into authoritative maps for all purposes. Process imagery on your desktop or scale up using enterprise infrastructure or the cloud.

Accurate, high-resolution reality capture

Create real-world depictions of large construction sites, cityscapes, and entire regions, enabling your organization to assess infrastructure, detect change, monitor the environment, construct a digital twin, and more. Produce outputs that can be immediately visualized, analyzed, and shared across the organization as orthomosaics, digital elevation models (DEMs), digital terrain models (DTMs), digital surface models (DSMs), point clouds, and photo-realistic textured meshes.

Process data in your desired environment

ArcGIS is designed to match your work environment when it comes to processing drone, aerial, or satellite imagery. For small or offline projects, process imagery directly from your desktop. Or scale up to a cloud environment that leverages distributed computing when you need extra computation power to create models over large areas, or easily share data across your organization.

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Streamlined end-to-end workflows

ArcGIS offers a single system to efficiently complete your workflows for managing, processing, sharing, and extracting information from your sensor imagery. Benefit from advanced features for flight planning and fleet management for drone projects. With data at your fingertips, streamline the interpretation and extraction of features from the perspective of the real world. Gain insights and share them with internal and external stakeholders as interactive apps, dashboards, and reports to drive faster and more effective decision-making.

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Wildfire response

GeoAcuity supported wildfire response efforts with drone imagery and geospatial data.

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