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Map of infrastructure on tribal land

Built Infrastructure in Tribal Nations

Use a geographic information system (GIS) to show where infrastructure investments will provide the most significant benefit

Manage your community's infrastructure with ArcGIS

Tribal leaders are facing the challenge of building resilient, sustainable, and equitable infrastructure. This work requires a deep understanding of each asset's location-based relationship to environmental and human-made systems. That's where GIS can help. GIS is a powerful tool that shows where infrastructure investments provide the greatest benefits. Plan for the unknown with maps and analysis that help you effectively anticipate, absorb information, and rapidly recover. Get data and insights about the community to make decisions that will ensure services and resources are delivered equitably. Learn how tribes can build a sustainable GIS framework to preserve their communities and grow.

Group of businesspeople listening to a presenter in a conference room, a map of infrastructure on tribal land, and icons of people, builds, and a hand holding Earth

Create a modern, resilient infrastructure

GIS technology helps organize your location-based data, making it easy to understand, analyze, and act on.



Moving ahead in transportation

Learn how several tribal governments have used GIS to meet the needs and challenges of transportation infrastructure for communities and tribal lands.

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