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A dark basemap with red splotches identifying health and safety needs, and blue dots with white lines demonstrating areas of aid and relief distribution

Health and Safety of Tribal Nations

Paving the path to a brighter future

Address health and safety challenges with ArcGIS

Tribal nations have struggled with accessing health equity and safety for decades. Through collaborative efforts and data management, understand the connection between where things are happening and where service gaps exist. With a location-based strategy, leaders can deliver programs and services that align with health needs, find hot spots where resources should be allocated, monitor progress, and more. GIS technology can underscore gaps in the population not yet reached and mitigate against unforeseen events. Applied GIS leads to improved health outcomes, increased accessibility to health care, and healthier communities.

Mother and daughter touching foreheads, their eyes are squinted from smiling, and they are wearing surgical face masks

Improve health equity and access to services



Expediting Water Relief for the Navajo Nation

The adoption of GIS technology fueled a collaborative push to address deficiencies in safe water access in the Navajo Nation during COVID-19.

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