Esri IMGIS to Inspire Telecoms

Access to fast and reliable telecommunications services has never been more important than it is currently. The COVID-19 pandemic and the practice of social distancing only amplified what we already knew: broadband access and communication networks are essential.

Here at Esri, we work a great deal with telecommunications companies. Based on what we learn in those conversations, telecommunications organizations are quickly evolving and growing their networks to meet the modern consumer and business world’s insatiable demand for broadband. After all, the network is the lifeblood of a telecom’s business. The infrastructure used to deliver those services are critical to the customer experience and the bottom line of the company. That telecom infrastructure is composed of multiple pieces and parts, inside and outside plant, wireless and wired assets–but they all have one thing in common: where they are placed.

That’s why the Esri Infrastructure Management & GIS Conference (Esri IMGIS) is such a fascinating opportunity for the telecom industry. The event will bring together members of the telecommunications industry to share ideas and collaborate on common challenges. But it goes one step further and includes other industries that often work with telecommunications or have similar use cases, like construction and engineering firms, electric and gas utilities, water utilities, and transportation agencies.

I hope you’ll join us for the Esri IMGIS. You can expect to learn how a complete GIS for telecommunications is transforming the way telecoms run their business. You’ll hear from peers in the telecom industry and Esri thought leaders about their efforts to


Whether your role in the telecom industry revolves around optimizing network designs, building networks, maintaining and operating the network, selling services, analyzing customer behaviors, or safely returning employees to the workplace, Esri IMGIS will inspire you with new ideas. If you’d like to see a sneak peek of a few of the sessions, check out my colleague Patrick Huls’ post here.

The event will take place October 27–30, 2020, and will be held entirely online, with plenty of opportunities to interact with your peers and Esri experts. Click here to register.

About the author

Stacia Canaday is the manager of the US telecommunications & cable sales team. She began working at Esri in 2002, where she started her career as an instructor. After nearly ten years of teaching GIS, Stacia pursued an opportunity to work directly with telecommunications and cable companies, helping them implement GIS in a wide variety of projects.

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