Stacia Canaday

Stacia Canaday is the manager of the US telecommunications & cable sales team. She began working at Esri in 2002, where she started her career as an instructor. After nearly ten years of teaching GIS, Stacia pursued an opportunity to work directly with telecommunications and cable companies, helping them implement GIS in a wide variety of projects.

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Pay Down Your Technical Debt with ArcGIS

The digital twin can be a reality if we peel away our pre-conceived notions and cognitive biases of how things are done.

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NextGen Network Management Showcased at IMGIS Conference

Learn more around NextGen network management and the buildout of communications infrastructure showcased at Esri IMGIS Conference.

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Esri IMGIS to Inspire Telecoms

Learn how a complete GIS for telecommunications is transforming the way telecoms run their business.

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