Unveiling the Unmissable: Your Recap of the GEOINT Symposium

The recently concluded 20th GEOINT Symposium brought together an esteemed gathering of industry leaders and enthusiasts eager to delve into the latest advancements in geospatial intelligence. Hosted by USGIF, the event showcased various exciting developments and innovations in geospatial technology. For those unable to attend this influential gathering in 2023, this blog post aims to summarize the notable highlights presented by Esri at GEOINT. 

The conference commenced with the GEOINT Foreword, a captivating opening ceremony where Tara Mott and Jeff Dawley expertly assumed the roles of Masters of Ceremonies, effectively setting the stage for an inspiring and informative event. 

Esri contributed to the conference through various training sessions and lightning talks. One such session led by Chris Lee, titled “Automating Image Exploitation with Deep Learning,” highlighted Esri’s groundbreaking deep learning models capable of automating feature classification on vast volumes of imagery at scale. This innovative workflow empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions more quickly and confidently, significantly enhancing their operational capabilities. 

James Jones delivered a training session titled “Analytics that Power the Metaverse,” providing valuable insights into fusing real-time intelligence from diverse sources to develop a comprehensive view of the operational environment within a digital twin. This approach enables analysts to gain a holistic understanding of complex situations and make informed decisions. 

The Esri Partner Network (EPN) demonstrated its strength by highlighting a robust stack of innovative solutions. One noteworthy collaboration involved Axim Geospatial teaming up with Conflict Armament Research (CAR) to leverage Esri’s ArcGIS Knowledge. By utilizing the graph database capabilities of ArcGIS Knowledge, CAR uncovered hidden insights in their data, leading to a deeper understanding of illicit weapons, ammunition, and related materials in conflict-affected areas. This analytical prowess proves invaluable in tracing supply sources and exposing illegal arms trafficking networks. 

Another compelling example from the EPN was Preligens’ session titled “Use case | China from collection to dissemination: GEOINT at scale at the speed of mission.” This presentation displayed the power of Preligens’ capabilities, emphasizing their ability to deliver comprehensive geospatial intelligence solutions efficiently. 

The Esri Partner Network (EPN) is a global partner ecosystem that provides content, solutions, and services to help customers harness the benefits of GIS software and location intelligence (LI). More than 65 Esri Partners participated in the event, highlighting their collaborative efforts in creating innovative solutions for the GEOINT community.  Explore the list of partners that attended GEOINT or inquire about partnership opportunities. Esri partners remain at the forefront of innovation, constantly embracing the latest technologies. Notably, the announcement of the new Globe building, where Esri and partners can collaborate in the heart of STL, underscored the network’s commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation. 

Esri also unveiled their newest product, ArcGIS AllSource, a cutting-edge desktop software designed to transform raw data into decision support tools by combining information from multiple sources. Analysts can leverage built-in link analysis, 2D and 3D maps, timelines, imagery exploitation, graphs, and video to uncover data patterns, trends, and relationships. ArcGIS AllSource, powered by Esri’s acclaimed ArcGIS Pro, offers an intuitive interface tailored to analyst workflows, incorporating key elements from various extension products. 

Overall, the GEOINT Symposium of this year made a profound impact on the Esri Team, leaving them impressed and thrilled to have been part of such a significant event. Looking ahead, Esri, along with the Esri Partners Network, remains dedicated to pushing boundaries and propelling the geospatial industry into uncharted realms of innovation. With a steadfast commitment to exploration and advancement, Esri and its partners strive to redefine the possibilities of geospatial technology, ensuring a future brimming with groundbreaking solutions. 

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