Highlights from the Esri Federal GIS User Conference 2024

The Esri Federal GIS User Conference: A Glimpse into the Future of GIS

Every year, the Esri Federal GIS User Conference is a testament to the remarkable work carried out in the public sector. At this year’s event, over 5,800 federal employees came together to highlight the innovative strides made in geographic information system (GIS) technology, and it was nothing short of spectacular. One of the most anticipated moments during this year’s Plenary Session was when Jack Dangermond shared his vision for the future of GIS. In his inspiring address, Dangermond provided a glimpse into the exciting possibilities for GIS technology. His vision for the future of GIS centers on harnessing the power of geospatial data to address the complex challenges of our time. He emphasized the importance of making GIS accessible and democratizing its use to empower decision-makers at all levels.

Dangermond’s Vision for the Future of GIS

Dangermond envisions a world where GIS fosters international collaboration and addresses critical issues such as climate change, sustainable development, and resource depletion. The role of individuals in driving change and shaping solutions has never been greater. GIS is the common language that unites nations, organizations, and individuals in overcoming those challenges.

During his presentation, he shone a spotlight on the groundbreaking work of US Southern Command for its pioneering efforts in using GIS to promote security cooperation across the Southern Command area of operations. The organization’s innovative approach models how GIS can enhance national security and intelligence collaboration across the US Department of Defense and our international partners.

Key product demonstrations included ArcGIS and Generative AI Assistants and Creating Foundational Content to Support Intelligence Operations. Andrew Turner and Adam Pfister demonstrated some of the research we’re developing with AI Assistants in ArcGIS Hub, ArcGIS Survey123, and integration in the ArcGIS system. ArcGIS and generative AI will enable faster processing and analysis, enabling faster automation, streamlining data collection, capturing responses to pressing issues, and providing necessary information to decision-makers to take action more efficiently and accurately.

Next, Gaby Gutierrez, Jarell Perez, and Jordan Reilly demonstrated ArcGIS Enterprise to create foundational content to support intelligence operations. One of the highly anticipated announcements at this year’s conference was the introduction of a new ArcGIS Enterprise capability, ArcGIS Video Server. With Video Server, users can seamlessly integrate video content with their geospatial data, opening new possibilities for real-time analysis and decision-making. This groundbreaking addition to Esri’s suite of tools promises to revolutionize how organizations handle video data within GIS.

The Esri Young Professionals Network (YPN) members made their presence felt at the conference. Their enthusiasm and dedication to advancing GIS in the federal sector were evident as they networked, shared insights, and connected with established professionals. The YPN community is a testament to the vibrant future of GIS.

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The 2024 Esri Federal GIS User Conference was a resounding success, displaying the ongoing innovation and commitment to excellence in the federal sector. Dangermond’s vision for the future of GIS, the integration of ArcGIS and generative AI, and the launch of Video Server all promise a bright future for GIS technology. We look forward to the continued growth and transformation of the GIS field, as exemplified by this remarkable event.

Look for news on upcoming events and training. We look forward to seeing you July 15–19 at the Esri User Conference in San Diego, California.

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