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ArcGIS Video Server (Pre-Release)

Discover and stream geospatial video in ArcGIS for situational awareness

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Collection of images including an airplane in the sky, a drone, an aerial image of a highway, and a man working at a desk

ArcGIS Video Server for ArcGIS Enterprise enables indexing, searching, discovering, and publishing video services with geospatial and temporal context. Organizations collecting increasing amounts of video content from drones, security cameras, sensors, and more can seamlessly integrate video as another spatial data source in their existing enterprise GIS workflows, information products, and dissemination patterns. As a server role for ArcGIS Enterprise,  ArcGIS Video Server is an interoperable and commercially available solution that integrates and scales with your ArcGIS system to provide new capabilities for media management, exploitation, and analysis.  

What can I do with ArcGIS Video Server?

Quickly find geospatial video

ArcGIS Video Server indexes geospatial video files to support geospatial and temporal searches and delivers to client applications like ArcGIS Excalibur, ArcGIS AllSource, or ArcGIS Image Analyst for ArcGIS Pro for exploitation. 

Overhead view of Washington DC in geospatial video showing buildings, roads, and waterways with inset icon of eye and a map

Extend video access across ArcGIS

Extend the value of your ArcGIS investment by adding video playback and exploitation capabilities directly to your existing ArcGIS infrastructure. 

Geospatial video taken from aircraft of a car following semi-truck on a highway with an inset icon of an airplane and Earth

Gain situational awareness

ArcGIS Video Server supports both live streaming videos and file-based archives of previously recorded videos in a unified environment. Integrate with live data feeds to gain situational awareness for operational understanding.

Geospatial video showing a large building and green grass and trees next to an inset picture of a street map

How it works

Discover geospatial media

ArcGIS Video Server supports searching by location, time, and metadata and delivers video into the same clients that analysts use.

Stream geospatial media

ArcGIS Video Server service lets users stream real-time video to clients with the context needed to support real-time workflows.

Integrate geospatial media

Integrating media as a set of supported data types in ArcGIS creates the opportunity for more users to leverage these data in support of operations.

Need ArcGIS Enterprise?

To use ArcGIS Video Server, you must have a base deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise.

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