Mapping the Path to Innovation: Anticipated Health Highlights at Esri UC 2024

Each year, the Esri User Conference (UC) offers unparalleled opportunities for learning, networking, and discovery. As we edge closer to the 2024 edition, the activities focusing on health and human services within the GIS community have never been more exciting. With a range of sessions designed to cater to the interests of health professionals, this year’s conference promises to be an enriching experience. Whether you’re looking to enhance your technical skills, understand the latest health trends, or simply connect with like-minded professionals, the 2024 Esri UC has something for everyone.

Here are 7 compelling reasons to spend July 15-19 with us in San Diego, California.

1. Dive into the latest GIS trends for health with a dedicated demo theater presentation: Learn what I’m seeing as key trends in health and GIS in this demo theater presentation. From managing opioid misuse to maternal and child health care, this session, promises to be an eye-opener. Seeing what’s trending might inspire you to take advantage of these new use cases.

2. Engage with peers at the Health and Human Services (HHS) Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting: The Health and Human Services SIG meeting is a unique platform for our community to share experiences, challenges, and solutions. Scheduled for the latter part of the conference (details here), this meeting emphasizes the importance of collaboration and connection within the health GIS community. It’s a can’t-miss for anyone who understands the importance of belonging and a diversity of perspectives in the pursuit of personal fulfillment and professional excellence. And as a bonus – there will be coffee and breakfast foods.

3. Learn from peers in the HHS paper sessions: The HHS paper sessions offer a deep dive into specific case studies, research findings, and success stories within the health sector. These sessions are a goldmine for those eager to learn from the experiences and insights of their peers. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your next project or looking to contribute to the conversation, these sessions are a perfect venue.

4. Upskill to enhance your technical prowess: Technical sessions at the 2024 Esri UC are a key opportunity designed to elevate your skills and understanding of the latest GIS tools and techniques. It doesn’t get any better than having Esri professionals share their deep product and process knowledge. These workshops are crucial for anyone looking to stay at the forefront of GIS technology.

5. Visit the HHS Showcase: Beyond the sessions and presentations, the Esri UC is a vibrant platform for networking. You should come by and meet Esri’s subject matter experts at the Health and Human Services neighborhood in the expo. It’s the perfect place to see what’s new in #HealthGIS and get personalized advice for your work. You’ll also find that the Esri UC is a great place for engaging with like-minded professionals from around the globe, sharing insights, and forging connections that could shape the future of your projects or career. The informal settings and social events throughout the conference provide a relaxed backdrop for meaningful conversations and new friendships.

6. Meet Esri business partners: Esri’s global business partner network is key to the strength of the ArcGIS ecosystem. Our partners help unlock the full potential of GIS through their innovations, products, and service offerings. They can help you do more with GIS. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet with Esri business partners in the expo area. See how they are pushing the boundaries of GIS and adding value across a number of different sectors, including health and human services.

7. One-on-One Advice: Don’t miss the chance for personalized guidance from Esri pros. Although I absolutely love listening to all the speakers and learning from business partners, it has a potential downside – too many ideas (wink, wink)! If you’re in the same situation, you may want to garner direct advice and insights about how to apply some of those ideas to your specific work. You can meet with your account team, Esri product managers, members of our professional services division, and a host of other ArcGIS pros to translate your ideas into a strategy.  

Can I just add one bonus reason to attend the 2024 Esri UC? We hold this event in San Diego. You’ll enjoy beautiful weather, amazing food, and maybe even a weekend stay to check out the beaches, Sea World, or Legoland. It’s a great place to visit.

Attending the 2024 Esri User Conference is an investment in your professional development, your network, and the future of GIS for health and human services. With a program rich in content and opportunities tailored to the health community, you’ll want to ensure you stay through Friday, July 19, 2024, to experience the full breadth of what the conference has to offer. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the field, the insights, connections, and experiences from the conference promise to be invaluable.

To make navigating the conference easier for you, check out this flier with our recommendations for those in the health and human services sector. Register now.

About the author

Dr. Este Geraghty, MD, MS, MPH, CPH, GISP, is the Chief Medical Officer at Esri where she leads strategy and messaging for the Health and Human Services sector. Dr. Geraghty has been with Esri since 2014 and has led business development and solution development in the market. During her time at Esri, Dr. Geraghty has helped organizations around the world use location intelligence to combat Zika virus, finish the fight against polio, grapple with the opioid crisis, combat homelessness, enhance health preparedness and response, inform strategic planning, optimize healthcare access, and traverse the COVID-19 pandemic while tackling inequity. Formerly the Deputy Director of the Center for Health Statistics and Informatics with the California Department of Public Health, Dr. Geraghty led the state vital records and public health informatics programs. There she engaged in statewide initiatives in meaningful use, health information exchange, open data and interoperability. While serving as an Associate Professor of Clinical Internal Medicine at the University of California at Davis she conducted research on geographic approaches to influencing health policy and advancing community development programs. In addition to her degrees in Medicine, Medical Informatics and Public Health, Dr. Geraghty is also a board-certified public health professional (CPH) and a Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP).


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