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Water Resources and Arc Hydro in the Esri Community

If you’re part of the Esri Community, you may have noticed some changes since the mid-November update. The biggest change for the Water Industry is that there is a new Water Resources section. This part of the Esri Community consolidates Hydro and Arc Hydro information.

All of the great content from Hydro and Arc Hydro can now be found in our new Water Resources section of the Esri Community. The Water Resources home page consists of four Boards: Questions, Blogs, Documents, and Videos. Under these Boards are links to the latest activity (a calendar with events and activities is coming soon).

Water Resources Community
Water Resources in the Esri Community

If you are looking specifically for Arc Hydro content, there are two ways to find it: Search or filter using Labels.

Arc Hydro Label
Arc Hydro Label

Using labels within each board is a quick way to find the information you need. The short video below shows how to navigate to the Water Resources community and how to use Labels. It also provides a quick look at Esri’s Arc Hydro web page.

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