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Esri Water Industry Website: New Look, New Content

Like many of you, the Esri water team has been spending a lot of time “in the office.” Concerns surrounding COVID-19 have reduced travel to conferences, trade shows, and customer sites. This has provided an opportunity to update our industry website.

If you haven’t visited our website recently, you’ll notice that there is a new look. The option to select Water Utilities or Water Resources is the first section on the page. This is followed by an overview of capabilities, a real-world example showing how Esri software can be applied, industry news, and events.

Water Industry Overview

On the Water Utilities page you will learn how ArcGIS enables the intelligent water system, supporting asset management, operational intelligence, customer engagement, and planning and engineering. Read how industry professionals are using GIS in each of these areas via a variety of customer stories and case studies. Find out about business solutions that have been configured to meet the needs of your key business units. Access white papers, ebooks, webinar recordings, and solutions.

Water Utilities Industry

You will notice a big change to the Water Resources page. We are highlighting an Esri customer right at the top of the page. Keep exploring to learn how Esri technology supports analytics, modeling, monitoring, and collaboration. We also provide links to a whole new Arc Hydro web page, ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World, and the Esri Community where you can connect with your Hydro peers. Access white papers, blogs, articles written by your peers, Learn ArcGIS lessons, and more!

Water Resources Industry

The biggest change you will see is that we have added a Community page and an Events page. Our new Community page shares a collection of community success stories, events, news, and resources. Visit this page to learn how your peers are applying GIS to support their workflows, join our Esri community, and access Esri Water GIS Conference information and training options. You can also sign up for our industry newsletter.

The Events page shares which conferences and trade shows the Esri water team will be attending or exhibiting at. You will also find information about webinars and Water User Group meetings. This page will be updated as events continue to change due to COVID-19.

Check out the new Water Industry website and let me know what you think.

About the author

Christa Campbell

Christa is an experienced water industry professional with 20 years of success using and promoting technology to solve problems in the water industry. Recognized for Industry thought leadership, strategic thinking, and building success with organizations across the globe. She is a passionate GIS advocate, lifelong learner and collaborator. Builds success jointly with teammates, peers, and customers. Christa is a certified GIS Professional and holds a graduate degree in Geography.


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