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[Video] Unlocking Customer Insights with the ArcGIS and the CRM

The CRM is the authoritative source of customer data for business. When combined with point of sale data and loyalty data, it can help business to understand who their best customers are, where they shop, and how they shop. With the application of ArcGIS companies can dive deeper into their CRM data and expose insights about who they are and where live and shop. Insights that enable businesses to engage with their customers with more relevant products and offers.

In this video, I will walk through a Story Map that describes the workflow an apparel retailer used to understand more about who their best customers are, and how they could share those insights throughout their organization.

About the author

I am a 45 year veteran of the retail industry. My career started in the back room of my father’s shoe store. His advice to me when I went to college, “Don’t go into retail”. After 27 years in executive leadership at Target, I now work for Esri. Here, I get to survey the retail industry holistically. I evangelize location intelligence and help retailers unlock the local insights the need to better engage customers, preform local market analysis and make key decision about store and facility optimization. Everything in retail happens in a specific place for a reason. Location intelligence can help you understand that reason.

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