Gary Sankary

I am a 45 year veteran of the retail industry. My career started in the back room of my father’s shoe store. His advice to me when I went to college, “Don’t go into retail”. After 27 years in executive leadership at Target, I now work for Esri. Here, I get to survey the retail industry holistically. I evangelize location intelligence and help retailers unlock the local insights the need to better engage customers, preform local market analysis and make key decision about store and facility optimization. Everything in retail happens in a specific place for a reason. Location intelligence can help you understand that reason.

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The State of Retail Tech

The state of retail teach and what it means for the year 2024.

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Location Intelligence: a Critical Tool for Fighting Retail Crime

Retailers are facing a massive increase in criminal activity in and around their stores. GIS is uniquely suited to help.

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RSR Research: Agility, Resiliency, And Sustainability As A Strategy in Consumer-Facing Business

This report from RSR Research outlines what consumer-facing companies are doing to react in this fast-changing business environment.

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Resilience as a Business Strategy—Creating Sustainable Growth Opportunities

Geospatial technology is at the core of the strategies of best-in-class companies to anticipate and mitigate external threats to their business.

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NRF 2023 Observations and Reaction

In the last three years, retail has seen tremendous changes in customer behaviors and the adoption of new selling channels.

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Access to Location Data—A Key for Commercial Real Estate Success

Success in the commercial real estate requires more than just hard work; agents and property assessors must tell compelling stories.

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The Importance of Local Insights to National Strategies

Without an authoritative source for location-specific data and the analytics to interpret, businesses will struggle to localize their business.

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Location Intelligence—Catalyst for Growth in 2022

2022 will be a year of recovery for business. Growing companies can accelerate their growth with location technology and precise insight.

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Creating Competitive Advantage with Location-Aware Processes

Location intelligence was deemed an important tool in tracking, measuring, and informing tactics to mitigate the disruption in business.

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