Alexander Martonik

Alexander Martonik leads Esri’s business solutions team for financial services and insurance. Since 2015, he has worked alongside GIS professionals from civilian intelligence agencies, uniformed services, corporate security, and the private sector. Through his work, Alexander has influenced geospatial innovations for corporate responsibility, social equity, business resilience, market research, and customer analytics. He graduated with distinction from the national cyber security studies program at California State University San Bernardino, and is currently an Esri Fellow to the University of Redlands School of Business & Society.

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The Intersection of Resilience and Sustainability: The Next Great Competitive Business Advantage

Business resilience begins with visibility into what's happening now to global assets, facilities, the workforce and the future.

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Ignoring Business Resilience Can Ruin your Holiday Season

Regardless of the cause, climate change is now directly threatening the continuity of our global economy – and the insurance industry has noticed

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Businesses Have a New Tool to Fight Climate Disruptions

Over the past decade, climate driven disruptions have continued to grow in both frequency and severity, impacting communities and businesses.

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Resilience as a Business Strategy—Creating Sustainable Growth Opportunities

Geospatial technology is at the core of the strategies of best-in-class companies to anticipate and mitigate external threats to their business.

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Learning a Life Lesson About Risk at an Early Age While Fishing in Alaska

Due to growing volatility, holistic business resilience strategies are emerging as competitive advantages to face such things as climate change.

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A Location Strategy Empowers Insurers to Thrive in a Volatile World

Discover how insurers are empowered to face the daunting task of growing their business in a climate marred by natural disasters.

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Avoiding “Resilience Theater”

Businesses are increasing their spend on technology to mitigate disruptions, are they becoming more resilient or just putting on a show?

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Enhancing Business Resilience through Environmental Stewardship and Climate Action

Climate change is no longer just an existential threat to our planet's future; companies are facing ever changing challenges today.

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Why Businesses Need a Dynamic Framework for Adaptive Resilience

To succeed in this environment, business leaders need to challenge conventional wisdom and seek policies that promote adaptive resilience.

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