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Destination Branding

Tell the complete story of your community

Recruiting a new business to your area or expanding an existing one requires more than an available building or site. Successful economic development depends on a brand identity that sets your community apart. Destination branding shows people why they should live, work, locate a business, or travel in your community. A strong place brand approach centers around location. GIS provides the tools to highlight your community's assets, strengthen its identity, and reveal tourism potential and other investment opportunities. Show business leaders and other stakeholders all your community has to offer.

Select and map assets

Identify your community's cultural and economic assets and create maps to showcase them.

Build a branding strategy

Understand the unique places in your community or region and develop its brand to promote a destination where people want to live, work, and play.

Evaluate a region's benefits

Analyze strengths and weaknesses in your community to better understand how to appeal to businesses and people.

Compare your destination

Measure and contrast your site, city, or region with competing communities in a data-driven format to inform decision makers.

Execute destination marketing

Use smart maps and visual storytelling to sell your community's story to the public.


Planners use 3D to manage economic development

Visualizing Des Moines, Iowa, in 3D helped planners address constraints and see possibilities.

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