Economic Policy Development

Create sustainable and equitable policies with GIS

At the core of any effective sustainable economic strategy is policy development that supports a community’s needs and growth. Successful economic policies are centered around a detailed understanding of location. This includes understanding the socioeconomic characteristics and needs of neighborhoods throughout the community, as well as consumer and workforce abilities and needs. GIS provides spatial context to this data for leaders who are developing sustainable, equitable, and effective policies for short- and long-term economic development.

Evaluate community demographics

Gain insight into hundreds of demographic variables to understand the make-up of neighborhoods.

Focus on workforce development

Prioritize workforce development needs with smart maps and spatial analytics.

Create opportunities for future generations

Develop sustainable policies for economic mobility.

Find gaps in large-scale services

Identify gaps in commercial services for specific neighborhood needs.

Promote equitable economic growth

Promote equity in economic opportunities for your community.

Communicate policy guidelines

Share policy guidelines with administrators, the public, and business community leaders for review.


Driving Economic Development

Explore how location intelligence, analytics, and technology drive economic development in communities and cities.

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