Enterprise Intelligence Integration

Designed for large enterprise systems

Intelligence enterprises are heterogenous and evolving systems. As a modern IT platform, ArcGIS incorporates best practices for enterprise intelligence including deployment, management, and configuration of enterprise geospatial services.


Open and interoperable

ArcGIS is an open, flexible, and interoperable platform that supports open standards for data, services, and metadata. Use ArcGIS, with its open APIs and specifications, to work with open data and communicate with external organizations. Focused open-source solutions allow you to customize and extend ArcGIS.

Esri also has a partner community that builds ArcGIS integration directly into their products, which can be integrated into enterprise deployments without expensive efforts. 

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Security and identity

ArcGIS uses security best practices across our cloud, enterprise, desktop, and mobile platforms. It is currently implemented in secure systems and routinely certified as part of standard security processes. ArcGIS also has a standard model for identity. Organizations can integrate their standard identity services with ArcGIS and use user roles to provide access to information and restrict access when required.

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Agile IT—Enterprise development & operations

ArcGIS supports agile IT strategy and modern software development practices. Create custom applications or embed GIS capabilities into existing systems with support for eight programming languages. The Esri developer community is vibrant, with small companies, large solution providers, and startups all building solutions that leverage ArcGIS enterprise capabilities. This community can rapidly develop solutions for the intelligence community, which will work with the existing enterprise investments.

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Cloud ready

ArcGIS is a cloud-ready system. Intelligence organizations leverage secure and private clouds to modernize and consolidate IT infrastructure. ArcGIS works in all standard cloud environments, and its architecture makes it easy to stand up cloud services and scale based on capabilities and user demand. 

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Support in disconnected environments

ArcGIS supports multiple deployment patterns from large-scale enterprise, desktop, and even mobile and field deployments. Information can be provisioned and replicated between these environments to support disconnect, intermittent, and limited bandwidth (DIL) environments. ArcGIS deployed in a DIL environment can be scripted and automated to reduce the IT burden on staff while still providing access to crucial maps and analytic tools for intelligence analysis and planning support.

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