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Improve public trust and confidence with public-facing technology

Improve transparency and stakeholder engagement

Maintaining public trust and confidence is paramount; how this is accomplished has changed and continues to evolve. In the past, sharing data and property information internally and with the public involved property cards, folios, and paper maps. Today, citizens, taxpayers, and the public expect property information to be easy to find, quick to understand, and available on any device. GIS allows you to share property information with web maps, apps, open data, hubs, and services. Additionally, sharing your authoritative data internally with services allows systems to connect to each other eliminating duplicate data and duplicated work.

GIS solutions for stakeholder engagement

Improve customer service

Give the public usable, authoritative assessment data in maps and apps so citizens can find answers to common questions. Delivering online self-service data, maps, and apps reduces customer visits and telephone calls while increasing transparency.

Enable open data

Data is critical to decision making for citizens and taxpayers. Whether buying a house or opening a new business, authoritative information is essential. Esri’s SaaS open data capabilities provide your community with the authoritative data they need to make better decisions and accomplish their goals.

Easily create useful apps

Choose from a variety of pre-configured apps to locate property in the flood plain, discover comparable sales, and publish assessed values and property tax allocation. Or, configure your own apps to deliver information to specific communities like planners, real estate professionals, developers, and surveyors.

Defend property values

Defending appeals costs local governments significant resources. With GIS you can improve public trust and confidence and better defend values with maps and easy-to-use information products. Story maps, web maps, and apps provide an effective way to communicate complex analysis with taxpayers.


The property mappers

How a Real Estate Sales Dashboard from the Franklin County Auditor’s Office in Ohio improves data sharing.

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