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Advance your mission with ArcGIS

The world’s most powerful GIS software at a discounted price

Esri’s Nonprofit Program provides eligible organizations with low-cost access to the software, training, and content they need. Organizations of all sizes, from around the world, are invited to apply.

Eligibility is determined based on an organization’s status and activities—for US nonprofit organizations, 501(c)(3) status is required.

Join a vibrant nonprofit GIS community

Esri supports more than 13,000 organizations through the Nonprofit Program. It serves tens of thousands of GIS users across 126 countries who are applying GIS to make the world a better place. From hunger and poverty to arts and culture, economic development to conservation, program members are taking a geographic approach to solving complex problems and creating positive impacts.

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Our commitment

Esri launched the Nonprofit Program in 2010 to help organizations use GIS for good and maximize positive impacts on people and the planet. Organizations around the world apply Esri's technology to understand and address important challenges such as climate change, supply chain resilience, public health, and social equity. This work inspires everything Esri does. 

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Nonprofit Program features

Program members can take advantage of the discounted offerings and benefits that best meet their needs. Full details will be shared once eligibility is verified.

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Before you apply

Read the following information before you apply to find out if your organization qualifies, what you’ll need for verification, and what to expect.

Make sure this is the right program for you

Eligibility is determined by an organization’s legally recognized status as well as a review of its purpose and activities. In the United States, the requirement is exempt designation as a 501(c)(3) public charity. Organizations that are not eligible include hospitals and health-care systems, governmental entities, schools and academic institutions, and commercial organizations. Outside the US, requirements are set by the local Esri office or distributor.

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Start TechSoup verification

For organizations based in the US, Esri partners use TechSoup to verify eligibility and expedite the review process. As part of your application, you will be asked to enter your TechSoup token. If you have not already done so, please register with TechSoup to obtain a token. You will need an active token to submit the Esri application. Please note that if you have not already registered with TechSoup, this may take 2–14 business days to complete.

Outside the US, organizations will be reviewed by the local Esri office or distributor and will not need to complete verification with TechSoup.

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Apply to the program after verification

Once your review is complete, you will receive an email from Esri with the Nonprofit Program eligibility decision and everything you need to know to get started. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Nonprofit Program team at

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Explore nonprofit industries

Need inspiration? View GIS use cases, solutions, and stories from organizations like yours.


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Thousands of nonprofit organizations around the world are part of the Esri Nonprofit Organization Program. Join them today.

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