Long-Range Planning

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Planners have the obligation to create a path of sustainable and equitable development that leads to opportunities every resident deserves. To achieve this, it is essential that planners understand, incorporate, and analyze location and make it the focal point of their long-range planning. Practices such as geodesign have long embraced using location-based analysis to find the right balance between the built and natural environments. ArcGIS provides the platform for an agile and data-driven approach to sustainability, equity, and public input in comprehensive planning.

Develop and model multiple land-use scenarios

Create multiple 2D and 3D development scenarios according to existing or proposed zoning parameters in a secure web environment. Measure the demographic, economic, and environmental impacts of these developments to take a data-driven approach to future growth.

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Generate environmental impact analysis

ArcGIS allows planners to understand, analyze, and report on the environmental impact of a proposed development and change in land use. These maps can be shared with administrators and stakeholders across the web and on mobile devices.

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Evaluate build-out analysis in 3D

Planners think in 3D, so they should work in 3D. Using ArcGIS in a web browser, planning professionals can create building footprints, architect realistic landscapes, analyze the impacts of development in 3D, and perform line of sight and shadow impact analyses.

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Modernize zoning ordinances

As a community's needs evolve, planners may need to consider updating zoning parameters for development. The ArcGIS platform allows planners to propose new zoning classifications and examine their potential impact before documents are modified.

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Establish data and plan standards

ArcGIS allows you to easily standardize data used for long-range planning, including future land-use and zoning data. You can also regulate how plans for future development are submitted digitally by developers and other stakeholders.

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Assess quality of life

Location is at the center of assessing the status, wants, and needs of neighborhoods. ArcGIS provides the tools to assess resources and constraints and unveil opportunities to improve the quality of life for a community.

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The growing trend of counter-urbanization

As planners are impacted by an increase in counter-urbanization, GIS can help them prepare for the short and long term.

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