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Drive real market growth

Holistic Market Research with ArcGIS provides businesses like yours with the insights needed to drive sustained market growth . Our technology enables you to consume large, disparate datasets and analyze them at a hyperlocal level through a series of interactive maps and dashboards. With the application of advanced analytics, you can gain the necessary understanding to engage with your best customers across every channel. 

Holistic market research in action

View a live demonstration that highlights how one company was able to orient its analysis to spatial data, visualize trade areas on a map, draw conclusions about customer behavior, and easily share results. By using only its customer relationship management (CRM) data, the company was able to map customer information and apply analytics to understand current customer behaviors and predict future trends.

Tools for market development

Configurable dashboards bring together all your data so you can understand your customers at the most granular level.

Sales performance viewer
View stores, trade areas, and market-level performance data across your enterprise using interactive dashboards. Quickly assess performance and identify geographic trends in your business.
Market explorer
Explore store, customer, and competitor locations in a fully interactive map. Add and remove layers of data or zoom in and out of specific locations while aggregating data in those areas.
Site selection and market planning
Use demographic, economic, and behavioral data to find new market opportunities based on the attributes of your most successful stores. Build trade areas to better understand your customers.
Field data collection
Empower your field teams to collect data about specific locations, including statistics, customized form fills, photographs, and images. Easily translate their input into enterprise data, available across the company in real time.

The Shopping Center Group

The Shopping Center Group, the leading retail-only real estate company in the US, has achieved 30 percent revenue growth and delivers competitive advantage to its clients with the help of Esri solutions for market intelligence and customer analytics.

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