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When Where Equals Why

How can you better meet your customers' needs? Is there a way to make better decisions that increase your profitability? Can business uncertainty be reduced and store performance improved? Yes, they can—by understanding the "where" in your data.

Retail and Real Estate markets are changing around the world. Combining Location intelligence with data is how retailers, investors and property owners are able to see and understand how customers and prospects are interacting with their brands, both digitally and physically.

One of the single most significant investments a retailer makes is real estate. Where to put a new store, which stores to remodel, or where to put fulfillment center. In this business, location matters. For retailers, investors and property owners, understanding where customers are coming from, who they are and what they want is critical for creating the precise local strategies required to attract and retain the best customers in today’s hyper connected business environment. Whether they're evaluating new stores or reconfiguring existing locations, the world's leading retailers and real estate consultants are turning to Esri for the tools to grow and optimize their markets.

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