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GIS for Planners

Esri is dedicated to providing members of the American Planning Association the opportunity to continue their education in geographic information system (GIS) technology. To expand your GIS knowledge, we'd like to offer you a choice of one of the following four books. Books quantities do vary, so be sure to submit your preferred book choice soon. 

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Expand your knowledge of GIS

The GIS 20: Essential Skills
Learn practical tips on how to perform the top 20 skills needed to successfully use GIS technology.
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GIS for Environmental Management
Explore how biologists, geologists, conservationists, and others responsible for managing and protecting the environment rely on GIS to tackle a range of environmental issues.
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Women in GIS
Read the 23 stories of how ordinary girls with very different passions have become extraordinary women and made significant contributions to our world.
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GIS and the 2020 Census: Modernizing Official Statistics
Learn how to plan and carry out census work with GIS using new technologies for field data collection and operations management.
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