ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App has workflows to solve business problems that can be executed in just a few steps. Though it can be intimidating to learn how to use any new software, we have the resources for you to find success with Business Analyst Web App whether you are a new or experienced user.

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Create and share beautiful infographics

Create compelling infographics in just a few easy-to-follow steps from a set of our ready-to-use templates or customize your own to fit your data visualization needs. Combine your own information with data from Esri (demographics, market profiles, housing, education, and more) then share your infographics on-screen or exported as a PDF, HTML, or image file for easy distribution.

Data-driven, easily created, informative maps

In only a few clicks, you can create maps using over 15,000 data variables that will help you and your team have a greater understanding of your consumers. Create color-coded maps highlighting data of concern within your areas of interest in the United States and around the world.

Your location decisions simplified

For your team members to make informed decisions, they need to know all the facts. With Smart Map Search, you can find the best location that meets your specific criteria. Examine the market demand in a location’s trade area, select facility sites, and forecast the sales performance. Identify up to five variables to compare, and view geographic areas that match your criteria to provide a deeper understanding.

Build reports the way you want

Demographics, consumer spending, Tapestry segmentation, market potential, business locations, and many more reporting categories are at your fingertips. Creating and sharing custom reports have never been easier.

Explore the Business Analyst YouTube playlist

Prefer watching a video? From overviews to in-depth technical walk-throughs, we have the videos to get you up and running. New videos are added regularly as another method to help you be as successful as possible using Business Analyst Web App.

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Top 10 Business Analyst Infographic Features

The best infographics are self-contained summaries of what the reader needs or values and should be designed to display content in clear ways.

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