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Learn How to compare sites using ArcGIS Business Analyst Mobile App

In this article, let us learn how to use BA Mobile to compare your site of interest with any other site of your choice or with any standard geography level available within the country in which your site belongs. Visit our previous articles to learn how to create a site and run an infographic in BA Mobile.

Let’s get started by creating a site in Phoenix, Arizona.

Tap on the Details in the Site Card.

Site in Phoenix, Arizona

Click on Compare from the Site Actions Menu.

Site actions menu

BA Mobile will automatically compare your site against the whole country to which your site belongs, on both the Standard Facts and My Facts tabs.

Standard Facts and My Facts tabs

To change the comparison benchmark from the entire country to any standard geography (or another site of your preference), tap on the pencil icon to view the list of standard geographies.

Changing the comparison benchmark

Select one of the standard geographies from the provided list to run another comparison. In this example, we’ll choose the County level for comparison.

Selecting County level for comparison

If you want to do a comparison against another site, which we’ll call Site B, tap on the Another Site option.

Opening another site for comparison

Choose a project containing Site B. We are currently in Project 1 and, for this example, we’ll choose the second site from Project 2.

Choosing a project

We then browse through the Point Locations (sites) to find Site B and start a fresh comparison. Let’s say that in Project 2, we choose a site in Redlands, California.

Choosing a site to compare

You can now see the comparison based on your choice on both the Standard Facts and My Facts tabs.

Standard Facts and My Facts tabs

Note: The two sites you are comparing must belong to the same country. You can also change your default Benchmark Comparison under Settings.

Settings pane

You have now successfully learned how to compare your site with any standard geography level or with any other site of your choice.

About the author

Geetha Narayanan is the Senior Product Engineer for ArcGIS Business Analyst Mobile apps. She has been with Esri since 2007 and dipped her feet in almost all the phases of the SDLC. A very passionate and self driven person. In addition to this, she loves traveling and exploring new places.

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