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January 2017

Smart Mapping in Three Easy Steps

By Lisa Berry
Esri Cartographic Product Engineer

Smart mapping is an exciting capability that can help you create beautiful and informative maps quickly. It's never been easier to craft visually stunning maps that tell the stories you want to tell. This guide will familiarize you with smart mapping and its overall workflow so that you can start to make your own mapping masterpieces! Read the article. View the How to Smart Map story map.

You can quickly make beautiful, colorful maps like the one above.
You can quickly make beautiful, colorful maps like the one above.

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The Tip

The First Step toward Easy App Building

Without doing any programming, you can create and deploy custom mapping apps for the web that can run on any device. How? By using Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS. Walk through each step of how to download, install, and configure Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Developer Edition to work with your ArcGIS Online organization. Read the tip.

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    The Headlines

    Esri Releases ArcGIS 10.5
  • Esri Releases ArcGIS 10.5

    What's new in ArcGIS 10.5? ArcGIS Enterprise with its full mapping and analytics platform, the Insights for ArcGIS app, powerful analytics capabilities, and much more. Read the blog. Learn more.

    Put Your Best Profile Forward
  • Put Your Best Profile Forward

    Seeing your ArcGIS Online user profile is how your colleagues and peers measure the value and veracity of your shared items such as maps and apps. Esri's Bern Szukalski shows you how to compose and format a great profile. Read the article.

    Students Win Global Content Challenge
  • Students Win Global Content Challenge

    Thirteen students won a total of $51,000 and other prizes in the Esri-sponsored Global Content Challenge. The students used Living Atlas of the World content and the Esri Story Map Journal app to create their winning science projects. Read the article.


    The Geospatial Report

  • How a Cable, Phone, and Internet Provider Uses GIS

    Derek Rieckmann from Midco talks about how his company uses the ArcGIS platform to track its fiber-optic and coaxial cable data, create maps of service areas, and more. Watch the video.

  • The Latest ArcGIS Online Updates

    In the most recent ArcGIS Online release, new capabilities have been added to improve analysis, provide a better user experience, and make it easier to manage accounts. Read the blog.

  • Five Steps to Launch Your Web GIS

    This one-hour technical workshop, presented by Esri Professional Services director Brian Cross, walks you through the five essential steps for getting a successful Web GIS up and running. Attend the workshop via this video.

  • What's New in Story Maps?

    With the ArcGIS Online update come several improvements in Esri Story Maps apps. For example, you can now add images from your computer directly into the main stage or side panel of the Esri Story Map Journal or Esri Story Map Series apps. Read the blog.