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June 2013

A Trailblazing Map

By George Kouroupis
Director of Technology & Solutions, Esri Canada Limited

A web mapping application from Esri Canada Limited displays in detail the 16,800-kilometer route of the Trans Canada Trail. Canadians and visitors to the country can use the application to map their recreational activities on the trail, including bike rides, hikes, and canoe trips. They also can search for cultural and historic sites, find accommodations such as hotels, and get the local temperature. By creating a free account, people also can post stories and photographs that document their adventures on the trail. Read the article.

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You can use this interactive map to find places to hike, bike, canoe, ski, snowmobile, and ride horses on the Trans Canada Trail.

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Tip of the Month

Compare Two Web Maps, Side by Side

Want to learn a quick and easy way to compare two web maps side by side? Use the preview capabilities in the Swipe Tool, which you can find in ArcGIS Online. Read the tip.

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