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June 2014

Preparing Coastal Areas for the Coming Storms

By Karen Richardson
Esri Writer

The Nature Conservancy uses Esri ArcGIS to power its suite of online mapping decision support tools, which organizations can use to prepare for and respond to storm surge and flood damage. The tools were used in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Read the article.

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The Nature Conservancy works with communities in the US Virgin Islands to determine key assets that may be vulnerable to sea level rise and storms.

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    The Headlines

    Build Smarter
  • Build Smarter

    To make cities livable and resilient, there needs to be a systems approach to planning and a movement to rebuild smarter, not just stronger, says Shannon McElvaney, Esri community development manager. Read his article.

    City Gazing
  • City Gazing

    Urban Observatory returns to the Esri User Conference in July as an interactive exhibit with more cities and themes to explore. Read the article.

    A Sea of Basemap Change
  • A Sea of Basemap Change

    A new version of the World Ocean Basemap gives you the ability to use your own annotation and labeling or layer your data between the base and reference layers. Read the article.


    News Bytes

  • Virtual Port

    Esri technology helps give the Port of Long Beach a common operating picture. In this video, Randy Parsons, the port's director of security, explains why a geospatial component is important in the system called Virtual Port.

  • Where BP Is Going with GIS

    Brian Boulmay from BP talks about reducing redundancy and building one geospatial platform. Watch the video.

  • Open Data on Tornadoes, Storms

    The Esri Disaster Response Program Open Data Site contains data to download about US tornado reports and hail- and windstorms.

  • My Esri

    My Esri, coming in July, will be a website where you can manage all aspects of your relationship with Esri in one place. Hear more from Esri's Nick Frunzi.

  • Centerpoints

    Mapping a Tornado's Impact
  • Mapping a Tornado's Impact

    This web map, which shows the path of a tornado in Arkansas and the number of people and businesses impacted, was created using open data and spatial analysis. Read the blog post and get a close look at the map.

    It's All about Location
  • It's All about Location

    Executives from The Wendy's Company, Bank of America, and Chick-fil-A are among the speakers at the 2014 Esri Business Summit. Read this article to preview what they'll talk about. Register to attend, too.

    Grasp GIS Opportunities
  • Grasp GIS Opportunities

    How can GIS help tackle education's grand challenges, from Common Core standards to online learning? Read this article to find out what issues educators will address when they gather July 12–15, 2014, for the Esri Education GIS Conference in San Diego, California. Join them!