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Learning ArcGIS Gets Real

By Carla Wheeler
Esri Writer

Whether you are new to GIS or use the technology daily, check out Learn ArcGIS, a new self-study website from Esri. Here you work directly in the ArcGIS platform to solve real geographic problems, analyze data, and make maps online. "In the old days, we had to teach people about things like geodatabases and topology, the under-the-hood things that make GIS work," says Clint Brown, Esri's director of software products. "But so much now just works, so we have an opportunity to go beyond that and teach people how to solve real problems." Read the article and take your first Learn ArcGIS lesson.

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The new website strongly stresses using your skills to solve real problems, using real data.

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You can use Esri ArcGIS Online to create drive-time areas based on fixed speeds or traffic conditions using a specific departure time. Read this tip, which will show you how to perform a drive-time analysis.

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