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July 2016

Keeping the Past Alive

By Ross Brewer
GIS Analyst, City of Marietta, Georgia

A city steeped in history has a responsibility to tell its stories. That's why the City of Marietta, Georgia, created Marietta Cemetery: Places of Grave Interest, an Esri Story Map Journal. The map of the city cemetery displays the locations of the graves of early city residents and tells the stories of some of its most notable citizens. They include Pastor Thomas Milton Allen, who was born into slavery and later helped found Zion Baptist Church, and Steadman Vincent Sanford, who served as chancellor of the University System of Georgia. Read the article and explore the story map.

This story map shows the location of the final resting places of many early residents of Marietta, along with photos of their gravestones.
This story map shows the location of the final resting places of many early residents of Marietta, along with photos of their gravestones.

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