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April - June 2007
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  Focus Departments
Producing Quality Information Products
A comprehensive approach to data management
A Better Way to Handle GIS Data
South Carolina uses server-based GIS.
Expanding Access to Large Geospatial Repositories
Harvard University's Geospatial Library and Center for Geographic Analysis
Maintaining Currency, Minimizing Disruptions
Utility uses phased migration from CAD to GIS.

Special Section

   Geoprocessing: Python Scripting
Take Advantage of Python Expressions and Code Blocks
[PDF-990 KB]
Modify the Calculate Field and Calculate Value tools.
Use Scripting with Tools and Models
Listings for Code Blocks
[Text-2 KB]


   Manager's Corner
"We Are Very SPATIAL People
But . . ."

Dealing with GIS staffing issues

   Developer's Corner
Work with Parcels More Efficiently
[PDF-620 KB]
Create simple tools with ArcObjects.
Sample project and dataset
[ZIP-13.9 MB]
Manipulate Map Data More Easily
[PDF-548 KB]
Access ArcMap functionality quickly through the Table of Contents.
Getting Started series
Managing Volunteer Firefighter Response
[PDF-1.9 MB]
Using the OD cost matrix to model personnel availability
Sample dataset [ZIP-3.6 MB]
Frame Up Your Map
[PDF-1.4 MB]
Using data frame properties to fine-tune map canvas display

Understanding Past and Future Land Use
Modeling archaeological sensitivity
New Ways to Teach about Africa
GIS materials for educators
Talking about Trends and New Technology
Second Esri Developer Summit draws crowds and praise.
Focus on Success
2007 Esri Worldwide Business Partner Conference
Noble Peace Prize Winner and Noted Environmentalist to Give Keynote
Wangari Maathai to address 2007 Esri User Conference
Share Your Expertise with Others
Consider writing an ArcUser article

   End Notes
Our Place in the World
The Citizen Potawatomi Nation

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